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If you are a business owner or landlord, then you know that keeping your property clean and accessible is crucial to your success. During the winter, this becomes even more important, as snow and ice can create a number of hazards for both customers and employees. That is why it is important to have a seasonal snow removal contract in place with a reliable snow removal company. Here is what you need to know about how such a contract works.


Snow removal entails plowing snow off your property and then hauling it off to somewhere else. Plowing simply includes pushing snow from one place to another within the area — which can later be a danger and a chore to deal with when it starts to melt. This is why most commercial clients prefer snow removal/hauling. Here is what you can find in a typical seasonal snow removal agreement:


This details the services that the client and contractor have agreed on and may include shoveling, de-icing, snow plowing, snow hauling, and sidewalk clearing. It also lists the materials and equipment to be used, a site map, the size of the crew, and the trigger (the amount of snow that should be accumulated before the contractor begins work). It is important to be as detailed as possible.

Terms of payment

This details the agreed pricing, payment schedule, and payment method. Ideally, this should also include a breakdown of costs and mention any other potential add-ons that might come up later, if any.

Performance and expectations

This part of the snow removal agreement details how the client and the contractor will communicate and how frequently throughout the duration of the contract. This is also where important terms such as “snow event” and “immediately” should be clearly defined.


In this section, details of the contractor’s insurance (required) should be clearly laid out. This is also the part where any certifications and specializations by the staff and removal crew is mentioned, such as the Snow & Ice Management Association, Accredited Snow Contractors Association, and more.

Terms and conditions

The contract should contain a terms and conditions section that mentions the agreement’s start and end date, terms for any changes that might be applied later on, a termination clause, and other important concerns. Such details might be easily overlooked in a seasonal snow removal contract given its long time frame, but clients and contractors should discuss all terms prior to starting to avoid any issues down the road.

Types of Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

There are four kinds of commercial snow removal contracts, with inclusions depending on the client’s needs for the season. Contracts are generally priced based on a “typical” winter but rates can be subject to adjustments as no winter is ever the same. We will take a look at some of them below to determine which type of snow removal contract works best for certain situations.


A seasonal snow removal contract has fixed pricing, making it easier to plan and stick to a budget. No matter how many times it snows throughout the duration of the contract (usually two to five years), clients will pay one flat rate. Many clients and contractors prefer working on a seasonal contract because it does away with having to go through a long vetting process each season. If the winter is mild in the first year but then becomes heavy in the second year, services are balanced out, translating to a win for both parties.

Pay Per Push (Per Inch)

This is a simple pay-as-you-go option that is availed only when necessary. Charges will be on a per-visit basis and computed per inch of snow. If there is a huge snowstorm, clients will have to pay more. For areas that do not experience snow frequently, this snow removal contract is cost-efficient, but for those that have large and frequent snowfalls, a seasonal or per-event contract will be more beneficial.

Pay Per Event

This type of snow removal contract applies only when it snows or during a certain winter event. Typical contracts cover one 24-hour period for every event, so clients can have their properties cleared several times as long as these happen within the time frame. If a snowstorm happens over three days, this means that clients will pay thrice the amount for three events, which can be difficult to budget for if the weather is intermittent.

Pay Per Hour

This is a simple snow removal contract that charges only for the time spent clearing the snow. If there are only a few inches of snow on the property, it may take only about an hour or two to get the job done. This will obviously not work for areas with frequent and heavy snowfall. Some contractors also charge extra fees for the materials used during this short-term project, including salt or de-icing materials.

5 Benefits of Getting a Seasonal Commercial Snow Removal Contract

There are many benefits to consider when looking at a seasonal snow removal agreement for your commercial property. Here are five key reasons why getting a seasonal contract is a good idea for businesses:

  • Predictability – A seasonal snow removal contract provides clients with some certainty during what can be a chaotic time. Knowing the price they will pay and when the service begins and ends allows businesses to budget better and avoid any surprise charges.
  • Convenience – Seasonal contracts are often easier to get approved, as clients do not have to go through the same long vetting process each year. This means less paperwork and faster service when a snowstorm hits.
  • Savings – In most cases, seasonal contracts are more affordable than pay-as-you-go or per-event contracts. This can save businesses money, especially if there is a lot of snow during the contract period.
  • Peace of Mind – When a business owner signs a seasonal commercial snow removal contract, they are entrusting their property to a qualified contractor. This gives the client peace of mind that their property will be taken care of during the winter months.
  • Expertise – A seasonal snow removal contractor is experienced in dealing with all types of winters. They know how to clear snow quickly and safely, which can save clients time and money.

Contact Novus Maintenance for Commercial Snow Removal

When it comes to choosing a snow removal contract, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is important to consider the needs of your business and the area where you are located. With so many options available, there is sure to be a contract that fits both your budget and your seasonal needs. If you are looking for a seasonal commercial snow removal contract provider in New York, contact Novus Maintenance. Our team of skilled professionals can help you find the right snow removal solution for your business and make sure your property is clear and safe during the winter months.

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