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Creating a Solid Snow Removal Plan: Guide for Businesses

As New Yorkers brace themselves for freezing temperatures and treacherous winter conditions, business owners and managers have other worries on their minds: finding a reliable snow and ice management company.

Studies show that weather has a significant impact on shoppers’ and customers’ retail habits, which is why it is so important to make your business accessible to clients — despite the heavy snowfall.

This is where having a detailed snow removal plan comes in. When considering a partnering company to assist with your business’ snow removal, there are multiple aspects to evaluate. These aspects include more than just quality snow removal, but also the contract type, property boundaries agreement, trigger depth, and a solid communication plan.

Make snow worries a thing of the past for your business, as we discuss how you can create a detailed snow removal plan below. We will also discuss when to start looking for a snow removal company, as well as a few tips on choosing the right commercial snow removal company.

How To Establish Your Business’ Snow Removal Plans

1. Understand Snow Removal Services

The first step in creating a snow removal plan is to understand what services you need. Snow removal companies work towards providing road and pathway accessibility to your business through a variety of snow removal techniques. Are you seeking assistance with shoveling or do you need heavy-duty snow removal and hauling services? Evaluate what may need to be done to keep your business

2. Research Snow Removal Companies

Spend some time researching snow removal companies. Every company offers different snow removal services. You’ll want to find certified and licensed professionals who can provide every service you need. At Novus Maintenance, you’ll find a well-trained team that can offer services such as snow shoveling, plowing, hauling, de-icing, and sidewalk clearing. No matter what your commercial property needs, Novus Maintenance can manage your snow removal.

3. Create a Snow Removal Plan

Once you have selected your snow removal company, it is time to create a plan. Working with trained professionals at a company such as Novus Maintenance makes this process efficient. Share information on your commercial property and what areas will need snow removal services to ensure quality results. Protect your customers from winter hazards with a clearly defined, round-the-clock snow removal plan.

When to Put A Snow Removal Plan In Place

Ideally, you’ll want to create and implement a snow and ice removal plan sooner rather than later. This will prevent your business from getting snowed in and becoming unreachable to customers when inclement weather arrives. As snow and ice can hinder your profitability opportunities, it is in your business’s best interest to have a snow removal plan in place.

That being said, it is best to establish a snow removal plan in the spring or summer leading to winter. The warmer months are the ideal time to establish a snow removal plan, as it leaves you with enough time to establish your commercial property needs and find the ideal snow removal company to outsource. Your trained snow removal team will be well-prepared to manage snow as soon as it arrives with a pre-approved plan.

Risks of Waiting on a Snow Removal Plan

Leaving your business’ snow removal plan for the last minute may leave your business at risk, with consequences like:

  • A lack of available service providers.
  • Rushed proposal process, which may lead to overpricing.
  • Scheduling issues may arise, leaving your business stranded with snow.
  • Unskilled service providers, due to overscheduling with contractors.
  • A lack of necessary tools due to overscheduling.

Avoid these consequences and be prepared for harsh New York winters with a snow removal plan well in advance.

Frequently Asked Snow Removal Plan Questions

Once you have established the importance of hiring a snow removal company and having a snow removal process in place, it is time to find the ideal contractor.

Here are a few questions to keep in mind before making your final decision.

Why invest in snow removal plans?

Famous New York snowfall may negatively affect your business, by hindering people from accessing your company.

Furthermore, snow and icy roads create a threat to the safety of your clients and employees. To prevent possible loss of income, and to provide a safe and accessible shopping experience for your clients, snow removal should be a top business priority.

How does a snow removal company manage ice?

There are multiple snow removal procedures, including de-icing. These methods are usually included in a company’s snow and ice removal plan.

De-icing occurs when existing snow, ice, or frost is removed through scraping or plowing. This process includes using chemicals or salt to more easily remove the snow, ice, or frost.

Will your snow removal company communicate weather forecasts for de-icing?

This is a crucial aspect to have in your contract, as your snow removal partner can assist in keeping snow or ice at bay through de-icing or removing snow efficiently. Open communication is essential to avoid inconveniencing your clients or customers. Novus Maintenance provides 24/7 communication to ensure that inclement weather obstacles are managed quickly.

Is a multi-year agreement available?

It is advisable to have a multi-year contract with your snow removal partner, as this is usually more cost-efficient. Discuss the available contract lengths with your chosen snow removal company to ensure that your needs are covered year after year.

Are different trigger depths for snow plow operations available?

This depth will depend on your snow removal and financial needs. Although a higher trigger depth may reduce costs, it will likely increase the risk of slipping and falling on the surface. Zero tolerance triggers, on the other hand, require frequent salt applications, as well as high service levels.

Can I indicate property boundaries and crucial snow removal areas on my contract?

This is an essential part of a contract, as it establishes the boundaries to which your contractor can remove and push snow. Your snow removal company will likely visit your property during the initial meeting to gain a better understanding of where snow can be moved and what area needs to be managed.

Do Not Wait To Request A Quote

Prevent hazardous working environments and possible loss of income by staying one step ahead of those icy New York snowstorms. Novus Maintenance is New York’s premier commercial snow removal service, with a team of dedicated professionals on standby 24/7 to assist your company with all your snow needs.

Request a quote today and prepare for harsh winter weather.

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