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About our service: Snowplowing

About our service: Snowplowing

In the harsh winter months snow can affect your business. As your snow removal partner, we help you to get rid of the snow on your property. One of the services we provide is snow plowing.

Snowplow is used to remove large amounts of snow. In order to remove the snow, we use big vehicles that push the snow to a storage place. If there isn’t enough place on your property to store the snow, we remove the snow. We call this snow hauling. 

We always monitor the weather conditions, so that we can make a good snow removal plan. Interested in how we can help you remove snow from your property? Get in touch with us today.


About our service: de-icing

About our service: de-icing

One of the services that we provide is de-icing. It’s a very important method in the snow removal business. In this blog article we explain more about de-icing.

Sometimes using a shovel is not enough to remove snow from a road or pavement. When there is a lot of snow and ice, we use the de-icing method to remove existing snow from the surface.There are multiple materials we use to de-ice. In order to choose which material to use, we need to know more about the melting temperature of the snow. An example of de-icing materials are rock salt and sea salt.

Do you want to know more about our reliable services? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our dedicated team is here to help you.

Difference between snowstorms and blizzards

Difference between snowstorms and blizzards

A snowstorm or a blizzard. What are the difference between those? The big difference between a snowstorm and a blizzard is the speed of the wind and the visibility. The weather conditions of a blizzard are as following:

  • The wind blows over 35 mph per hour
  • The visibility is less than a quarter mile
  • These conditions should continue for three hours of longer.

Did you know that a blizzard doesn’t always contain snowfall? If the wind is blowing the snow on the surface, we also call it a blizzard.

Snowstorm or blizzard, there is no difference for us. We always make sure it doesn’t affect your business.




As handling snow is our job, we know everything about those little flakes. And of course, we love to share our knowledge with you. Did you know all these facts?

As white as snow.. or not?
White Christmas, snow-white. That isn’t true. Snow is not white but transparent. How come we see it as white? Snow is made of ice crystals. When the light passes through the crystals, the prisms break the light in multiple colors. They reflect and absorb the light and as a result our eyes see them as white.

Don’t eat the.. red snow
Red snow? Yes red snow exist. The red color is caused by a pigment algae. It mostly appears in mountains during seasons when there is little sunlight and when the temperature is below freezing points. Even though it looks wonderful, you shouldn’t eat the snow. Your intestines don’t like the algae’s and it will give you diarrhea.

Six sides on every snowflake
Snow is made of ice crystals. These crystals always have six sides. Snowflakes are groups of perfectly symmetrical crystals instead of flakes that look like cottonwool.

The largest snowflake
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest snowflake has been 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick. It fell down during a snowstorm in January 1887 at Fort Keogh in Montana.

As silence as snow
Did you ever walk downtown New York city after a big snowstorm? The city will never be quieter, because snow provides silence. Fresh snow consists more than 90% air. The air in snow absorb sound waves. But as soon as the surface of the snow hardens the snow reflects the sound.

What does a snow removing company do?

What does a snow removing company do?

As a snow removal company, we remove snow to make travelling by road accessible and safe. In this blog we explain how we do this.

There are several ways to remove snow. One of them is de-icing. De-icing is the removal of existing snow, ice or frost by plowing or scraping. We mostly use salt or other melting chemicals to do so. An other method is anti-icing. We use this treatment to prevent the snow or ice to frost on the road. Just before the snow hazard arrives, we apply salt or other chemicals on the road.

Snow can have a big affect on your business. When the road is covered by snow, your company is not save or accessible for your clients or employees. As a snow removing company, we make sure that the snow will not affect your business.

New York: the snowiest state of the USA

New York: the snowiest state of the USA

New York is the snowiest state of the USA. In Rochester alone, there fell over 63 inches of snow this past winter (November until February). In Syracuse fell almost 75 inches and in Buffalo nearly 95 inches. Buffalo was attacked by a winter hazard that lasted from 25 January until February first.

The snowiest day in the history of the New York state was on February 1 in 1966. Within 24 hours, there felt 50 inches of snow.

As your snow removal partner, we make sure that the snowfall does not affect your business. Get in touch with us today.

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